How Top Chef Canada's Siobhan Detkavich spends her money

Last year, 22-year-old Siobhan Detkavich became the youngest chef—and first Indigenous woman—ever to compete on Top Chef Canada. This summer, she’ll be back in the kitchen as the chef de partie at Mission Hill Winery in B.C. Detkavich spent a little more than usual this week, just for fun. For someone who cooks, I’m weirdly okay with eating the same thing every day. This week’s meal prep involved ground turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples and oranges, all of which I bought at Costco ($100)

Redefining Indigenous cinema

Oftentimes, with Indigenous stories on screen, there is the burden of sliding in decades of context into a film. The effects of colonialism to current day systemic racism, and everything in-between, often seeps into films created and written by us. Indigenous filmmakers have to consider who their audience is – someone who inherently knows this history, or someone brand new, which shifts the approach. Must they explain XYZ in an organic way or will it drag out the story they came to tell?

Indigenous Filmmaking Now: An Overview

Although Canada’s media establishment may claim things are better, where are the opportunities for Indigenous film and TV creatives this year and next? It’s still a tough slog as a producer or filmmaker to receive funding, get opportunities to be employed in higher and mid-level positions where the decisions are made, or to have any control. There are success stories, but many Indigenous filmmakers in documentary, film, and TV are struggling to get the support they need from the major Canadian funding bodies.

Maple Leafs recognize Indigenous Veteran's Day

Recognizing the contributions of veterans is an ingrained part of being a Canadian, taking a moment to pause and thank them for their services and sacrifices on November 11. From childhood, many of us recite the words to In Flanders' Fields, and in adulthood, it is second nature to sport poppies on our coats. Three days before Remembrance Day, is a day on the calendars that is rarely celebrated, despite it being just as important. Indigenous Veterans Day honours the First Nations, Métis and Inuit volunteers who have enlisted in the armed services.

How parents can talk to kids about residential schools

Recently I visited a major art gallery with my family. Before the winding Frank Gehry-designed spiral staircase in the airy open atrium were countless children's shoes arranged in circles. There were small sparkly running shoes, tiny moccasins, and kids’ sized dress shoes, each representing a Native child who died at a residential school. They represented the little feet that no longer get to run around their Native American communities, playing and chasing one another.

13 Indigenous Candidates On The Change They Hope To See If Elected

The 2021 federal election has brought about the largest representation of Indigenous candidates across all parties ever. In the 2019 election, there were 49 Indigenous candidates, and 23 of those were NDP. With all the votes calculated, only 10 Indigenous candidates were elected to Parliament. Today, there are over 70 self-identifying First Nations, Metis, and Inuit candidates running for a seat to enter the highest levels of the government to make their voices heard.
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