How Two Young Climate Activists Are Tackling Water and Food Insecurity Across North America

With a name derived from the Lakota tribe’s historical Tokala Society—a group of warriors who showed bravery and leadership from a young age—Tokala is a photography series spotlighting the next generation of BIPOC climate activists. Here, in part three, meet two activists working on the eastern shores of Canada and the US to improve water and food security within their own communities and far beyond.

Paulina Alexis is Reservation Dogs’ breakout star

It didn’t take long for Reservation Dogs to secure Hollywood’s stamp of approval. In the year since its debut, the FX dramedy—which is co-created by Oscar-winner Taika Waititi—has clinched a Peabody, a Golden Globe nomination and an Independent Spirit Award for best ensemble cast. The team itself is an entertainment industry anomaly, though: every single one of the show’s writers and actors is Indigenous—including fan favourite Paulina Alexis.

How Top Chef Canada's Siobhan Detkavich spends her money

Last year, 22-year-old Siobhan Detkavich became the youngest chef—and first Indigenous woman—ever to compete on Top Chef Canada. This summer, she’ll be back in the kitchen as the chef de partie at Mission Hill Winery in B.C. Detkavich spent a little more than usual this week, just for fun. For someone who cooks, I’m weirdly okay with eating the same thing every day. This week’s meal prep involved ground turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples and oranges, all of which I bought at Costco ($100)

Redefining Indigenous cinema

Oftentimes, with Indigenous stories on screen, there is the burden of sliding in decades of context into a film. The effects of colonialism to current day systemic racism, and everything in-between, often seeps into films created and written by us. Indigenous filmmakers have to consider who their audience is – someone who inherently knows this history, or someone brand new, which shifts the approach. Must they explain XYZ in an organic way or will it drag out the story they came to tell?
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